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Systems Analysis and Cloud Computing Fundamentals

Question: Discuss about the Systems Analysis and Cloud Computing Fundamentals. Answer: Introduction We are living in the world of Digital systems, everything is influenced by Information technology and communication. The Government of various countries has started keeping the Health records of their peoples in digital form too. An electronic Health record system provides a systematic way of keeping the record of the patients and their Health status. With the help of these Health records the study for medical research is also been conducted. These medical records are also transferred to other centres easily in their network. These medical record contain the information of the patients demographic details, medical history, prescribed medication, allergy types, the immunization detail, different laboratory details, radiology reports, vital signs and the other personnel medical details. These electronic medical records help in gaining the medical history of patient easily, helps doctors to perform medication easily. It also helps in studying the medical history, the change, the pattern of symptoms can be easily studied and the medical prescription can be performed accordingly. Not only these electronic health provides the facility to keep the medical records in the systematic way but it helps in providing quality medical services to all sections of peoples to the poorest to poorest living in remote areas. These medical records helps in following ways This form of keeping information in digital form enables them to keep information in systematic and in secure manner. It helps in providing the trigger and alert messages to the concerned patient and the doctor. Helps in digitally track with the ambulances. Helps in fast processing of requests for medical orders. Decreases lines at waiting area of hospitals and provide better medical facilities. Stakeholder Map Concerned Stake holder The identified stake holders for medical health records are as follows- Practicing Physician Head/owner- The head of Hospital or Medical Centre Doctors- The practising doctors which do medication. Nurses- The practising Nurses to take care of patients in better way. Practice office Staff- The administration staff the hospital. IT Manager or Consultant- The executive doing management of the Software for Hospital. Medical Pharmacy personnel- The personnel responsible to arrange medicines. Open EMR community-the general public looking for medical records. Medical students- students studying different diseases Patients- The patients. The role of these Stakeholder Stakeholder Role 1) Practicing Physician Head/owner Approves the funding, set organizational goals 2) Doctors Change in system , providing the new requirements, performing review , monitoring, perform work, setting organizational goals 3) Nurses Monitoring system, new requirements, perform work 4) Practice office Staff Monitoring, assignment of personnel on duties, making schedule, phase get decision 5) IT Manager or Consultant- Monitoring and maintaining the software 6) Medical Pharmacy personnel Personnel responsible to arrange medicines billing. 7) Open EMR community Looking for medical records, Giving Views 8) Medical students Viewing records for studying and assisting senior doctors 10) Patients Main service users and Bill payers What is your role in organization? How do you sponsor the project? What are your authoritys statements? What is your goal and expectations from this project? According to you what are threats for this project? ser friendly interface. Less steps and early navigation. Understandable language. Strong Network features with compatibility in both cloud as well open Internet. Compatibility with windows environment. Adaptability to advance features. Highly maintainable as well robust. Timely response with 24x7 environment. Support to maintainability and fault tolerant as it has to support information to critical life factors such as Ambulance, ICU, PCU and other critical areas where a single error can be hazardous. Auto notification and receiving and direct response to phone calls and messages. Conclusion The EMR system is the most important system at present for the medical centres at present, an effective EMR system plays a pivotal role in maintaining the management of the system. It not only helps medical personnel, but also helps the patients and general public to get information. It also support government in developing their medical policies and welfare programs. An EMR System should be user friendly as well easy to operate too. This was simple student level approach, the experience obtained through this system will be beneficial in my entire career. References Alan. D, Barbara .H.W, Roberta M. R, (2010), Systems Analysis and Design, Wiley Publication Furht.B, (2010), Cloud Computing Fundamentals, Springer Publication Garry.B, Harry.J, (2012), System analysis and design, MC Grew Hill Min-Jeoung Kang, Chai Young Jung, Soyoun Kim, Yookyung Boo, Yuri Lee, Sundo Kim, (2015),Stakeholder analysis for adopting a personal health record standard , HIM Journal , 44 (2): 33-42 Munuro, (2011), System Analysis and Design, Springer Publication Richard .A, (2010), System Analysis and Design, Pearson Education World Health organization, Stake holder analysis from ( accessed on 14-4-17) Open EMR, Project Management of Implementation, From- ( accessed on 14-4-17) Vino .K, S. 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